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If I have a non AirPrint printer, and I connect it to the USB on an AirPort or Time Cspsule, will I be able to print to it from my iphone and ipad? Also is the Ethernet cables setting up the Wifi are connected to a Windows XP Tower, will that computer still be able to use the printer? And then would I have to install drivers on all computers? Just general tips on what to do and think before buying a $300 time capsule.

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    Plugging a printer into apple router does not make it airprint compatible.. in fact quite the reverse.. if you have airprint printer it must.. MUST.. connect by wireless.. Apple take the air in airprint really seriously.


    There are apps available for iOS and for computers to help you print without buying an airprint printer.. but in the end if you want airprint.. buy an airprint capable printer.. printers are after all two sets of cartridges now. It is cheaper than buying a TC anyway. 


    Windows computer can print to airprint printers.. and to most printers.. but cannot easily share it to Mac or iOS products.