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I now have two Iphone 4s phones (ATT 32GB and ATT 64GB) that have screwed up wifi antennas thanks to iOS 7.1 update.  Sometimes they connect, sometimes they don't.  Sometimes they run fast but most of the time the wifi speed is slower than dialup (according to app).  A call to Apple was a complete waste of time.  For $208, I can send my phone in for repair...thanks, but no thanks.  They equated my 4s to a dinasour. I reminded the manager that they are still selling these dinasours in the stores.  This wifi issue is a common problem on-line and at the ATT stores, but does Apple stand behind their  I just bought my wife a 5S 32gb that is taking everything in my being to not return right now (within 14 days at Verizon).  If I am paying ripoff apple prices, I expect premium hardware... or at least premium hardware that has value later in thier life that isn't destroyed by thier own software updates.  I understand that things break over time (I own a Ford), but when it is due to an update, then Apple should cover that or at least subsidize some part of it. That is all I ask.  I have always liked the simplicity of Apple products and that they just work.  However, my patience has been tried when this latest iphone which had a value of close to $300 is worth dirt now.  Just wanted to pass on words of warning for the few of you who haven't upgraded.  Apparently this can affect 4, 4s, and 5 models. There are a few "new" features that my Android has had several updates ago so an update would be a nice option. Oh well. Good luck!

iPhone 4S
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