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Dear sir ,

sorry for that ,

Before 3 day I was brought a new iPad mini and I give it as a gift to my sister ,

Unfortunately she forgot the Activate IPad ( ID & Password ) but she know the Security Question and I have the Bill of sell & Serial Number

How can I contact the service center and fix this issue


(IPad still new there is nothing on it to change )



Please advise me ASAP

iPad 2
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    We are fellow users here on these forums, you're not talking to iTunes Support nor Apple


    If she's forgotten her account id then see if she can get the id via : http://iforgot.apple.com - if she can get her id from that she should also be able to reset the password for it.


    From http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5818 :


    What if I forget my Apple ID password?

    If you forget your password, you can reset it at My Apple ID (appleid.apple.com) or by contacting Apple Support and verifying your identity. Once your password has been reset, it will work normally with Find My iPhone and Activation Lock.

    If you forget your password and cannot reset it, you will lose access to your Apple ID and may be unable to use or reactivate your device. To help prevent this, visit My Apple ID periodically to review and update your account information.



    iCloud and activation lock : http://support.apple.com/kb/PH13695


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    thanks for quick reply ,,,


    my problem is i don't know my Apple id & password !

    all i know is the answer of security Question , the serial number & bill of sell

    how can this info to help me ?

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    You've tried the iforgot link to see if you can get the id via that : https://iforgot.apple.com/appleid ?


    Or had you downloaded any items from the store with it which you have on your computer's iTunes library : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1920 ? Or have you got any emails from iTunes to any of your email accounts for purchases or when creating the account ?


    The answers to your security questions won't help, you need the id that they are linked to.

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    after i ask her about what you mentioned before she said that she put 5 id :


    and i check all in the list ! nothing is right , i mean no email received  from itunes to those email??.


    am really confused what i should do in this case ??


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    As these are user-to-user forums, you're not talking to iTunes Support nor Apple, I've asked the hosts to remove the email addresses from your post (it's not a good idea to post personal info on any public forum).


    She's tried the iforgot page on all of those accounts, and any other email accounts that she/you have, and none of them get any password reset emails (and she's checked the spam folders on those email accounts as well as their inboxes) ?


    Had she bought/downloaded any apps on her computer's iTunes with the account that the iPad was activated with, and are they still on her computer ? If she has then she can get the id from those apps : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1920


    Unless she can remember the id that she used in Settings > iCloud to activate Find My iPad on it then she won't be able to remove the iPad from the account

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    it is New device for this reason we do not download any application on it!


    It is worth mentioning that I check the spam messages, but there was no answer ?



    There is no other way I've missed a lot of time and effort on this without result


    Thank you very much for your time sir ...

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    can i talking to iTunes Support ??

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    You can try contacting iTunes Support : http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/ - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page