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Hope someone can help me out here...


I have a Denon AV system, with Blu Ray, Sky HD, (old) Wii and an Aplle TV3 connected:  The WiFi is by cable to all devices and AV by HDMI cables with an additional optical Audio lead from the the Apple TV.

Everything is happy except for the Apple TV.


It seems to ba in issue with the signal being sent from the Apple TV. When I set the receiver to the Apple TV HDMI input and turn on the Apple TV, the display on the Receiver shows an analogue signal and not surprisingly I get no signal showing on the TV. After three or four minutes the Receiver suddenly reconises a digital signal and the Apple TV output is clearly visable.


I have a suspicion this may be something to do with the HDMI protocols and Apple doing something different from everyone else. Does anyone have any ideas how to get around this delay?



Many thanks.


  • John Galt Level 8 Level 8 (42,190 points)

    with an additional optical Audio lead from the the Apple TV.


    What happens if you disconnect the optical audio output and just use HDMI?


    Have you tried substituting another HDMI cable?

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    Hi John,


    Makes no difference, I'm afraid.

    I have tried using different ports on the Receiver too. It is only the Apple TV that exibits this behaviour, on any port with any HDMI lead.




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    I wish I had an explanation for you David. The only HDMI troubleshooting technique available to users without specialized test equipment is to substitute one component for another, since HDMI either works, or not.


    There isn't anything special about the AppleTV's HDMI implementation that I am aware of, and it sounds as though you already tried other inputs on the Denon.


    The only relevant Apple Support document only mentions obvious problems that probably aren't worth your time to read: Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Troubleshooting video issues


    All I can suggest is to have Apple evaluate it. Make an appointment:


    Genius Bar Reservations


    You could also try searching for this problem on the AVS forum. Try to ignore the knuckle-dragging Apple haters.


    It wouldn't be the first time I heard of a complaint regarding Denon. Unfortunately the perfect AVR does not exist, and Denon's are better than most.


    I wish Apple would make one



  • David Gee1 Level 1 Level 1 (80 points)

    Oooh, an Apple AV receiver.... now there's a nice idea....

  • John Galt Level 8 Level 8 (42,190 points)

    You know it! The market is screaming for an Apple AVR. Nothing but digital inputs, configure everything using an app. Jony Ive could design it in an afternoon. Put the Beats hardware team on it.


    Unfortunately it's a very small market. But it's a fragmented one, and everyone's offerings suçk in too many ways to count.


    Good AVRs command a premium which would fit right into Apple's business model... anyway, enough dreaming.