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So i pre ordered the Linkin Park album The Hunting Party, and when I did it, two songs were automatically downloaded to my library, but then more songs were released and they didn't download to my library even though they were already available. I did some digging up on the internet and someone told me that an email was sent to my email adrees noticing me that the song from the album I preordered was already available and ready to download to my library, but once I entered my email there was no mail that said that, so I  cancelled the pre order thinking that if i preorder it again I would get the songs, but to my surprise the money I spent on the album was not given back to me even though i cancelled the Pre Order. Is there a way to get it back or am I screwed? Alos if there is a way can somebody tell me please?

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    When you pre-order an album you aren't charged until the album is released - if tracks are released from the album ahead of the actual album's release then you will be charged for those individual tracks (at their full price), with the remainder of the albums's price being paid on the album's release.


    Pre-orders : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5714


    If you cancelled the pre-order then the released tracks will remain as purchases on your account, you will not be refunded for those tracks.

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    The thing is that before i preorder the album i had like 10 dollars in my account and after i preorder it i have .21 dollars, but the tracks that were released before i cancelled didn't download and they appear as if i hadn't bought them.

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    Do they show as purchased in the store and do they show on your account's purchase history ? If you log into your account on your computer's iTunes via the Store > View Account menu option, you should then see a Purchase History section with a 'see all' link to the right of it. Click on that and you should then see a list of your purchases.


    The HT5714 page that I linked to includes :

    Some pre-orders include songs that are available for download immediately. When you pre-order, you will be charged only for these songs and you will receive them immediately.


    You can try contacting iTunes Support via this page : http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/ - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page, then Purchases, Billing & Redemption