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We are setting up a series of iPads using a common AppleID. They will be used as kiosks by any of a number of users. The iPads will be managed using Meraki's MDM.


We have abandoned using app distribution because it would require individual AppleIDs for each device. Instead we are simply installing the paid app using Configurator during the setup process.


It was tricky to get this to work, but I found hints in various threads here: make sure to sign in using the common AppleID in both iTunes & Mac App store on the Configurator Mac. Also, authorize this Mac on that account in iTunes. Now the installation works.


However, app updates are posing a problem. Whenever I try to update the app on any of the iPads, it asks to sign in using another AppleID: the AppleID used to download the original .ipa app file that was loaded into Configurator. How do I get the app to be associated with the AppleID that's on the iPad (same as the ID currently on the Mac in iTunes & Mac App store), and ensure it won't require a password each time there's an update?

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    I'll break you the bad news. I've spoken to a Crapple 'engineer' today and was advised that you can't really bypass having an itunes account per device.


    Apple Colloquially known as Crapple. Need to run 2 models. Why they haven't done this is beyond me, its killing their market. Especially in the education sector.


    1. The current model where by you can distribute licences to the end user's itunes account - and revoke.

    2. The devices remain under a central account and scope of control through an MDM and licences are bound to the UUID of the device.


    It couldn't get any simpler than that.


    Will we ever see it? I highly doubt it. Another half *** company dealing half assed solutions to the world.


    I live for the day Apple forcloses due to the ridiculous close minded garbage they put out.

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    Oh I know - I've been banging my head against the wall for weeks trying to figure out how to handle single AppleID deployment. And I've spoken to people at Apple - you're right, they want you to use individual IDs. They want everything tied to a person, not an organization. But then they promote what the organization can do with their equipment. Anyway...


    I've seen others use app distribution and single ID, but there's the risk that having a large number of iPads on one app code could get shut down at any time (even if you've bought the others to cover the legality of it).


    At least with Configurator, we can assign per device. And ONLY with Configurator.  I just can't figure out how to get the app to not be associated with the original ID that purchased it from the store for download onto the Configurator machine.


    I'll buy another copy if needed, but it just seems silly.