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I'm currently a junior in high school and I'll be graduating in the summer of 2015. My parents, well mostly dad, are planning on buying me the iPad air with 128 GB of memory. I got curious and went to look at the price and compare models and I saw that the iPad mini with retina display was the same as the iPad air, the only difference is the size. Since I saw that it was cheaper I was thinking on telling my parents to buy me that instead of the iPad air because it is more costy and my family isn't really the rich kind of people. I will be only using the iPad for school and nothing else since I have my iPod to play games on and stuff so it will only be used for purely educational purposes. Plus I've been hearing around that the iPad air is not that great and stuff because it has a bigger screen and such. Personally for me, I do not care about the screen size I just care about the price for my parents' sake because I don't like it when they have to spend a lot of money. So can you please help me decide on which to get and why it would be better than the other? Please and thank you.