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So the problem is (using meraki) i can't find a way to push out the apps to 3 specific iPads. I've liscenced the apps to a specific apple id (and only that apple id) and logged that apple id in to the three iPads. I know they're supposed to automatically show up and then i just tap on them to confirm, put in the apple id password and they download/install. This isn't happening.


A previous attempt i made to do this involved a different apple id which already has a specific group assigned to it. Since we only purchased enough liscences for the 3 iPads i was thinking somehow maybe one of the iPads using that particular apple id had downloaded and installed one of these apps, this is why i created a new apple id for these specific 3. They each only have some of the complete load of apps they're supposed to have, i revoked the liscence for the old apple id and gave it only to the new one. So that's set the way it should be now, only now the remaining apps aren't showing up ready to be installed, the ones that ARE there won't install. I tap on the icon to tell it to  install it says waiting, spins for a few seconds and then stops with no error message.


What am i missing? The kids these ipads are for desperately need them...


Thank you anybody so much for your time.

iPad 2, iOS 7.1.1, Managed Distribution, Meraki, VPP
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    I figured it out. I needed to put a tag on the ipads i wanted the apps for. Then i needed to add those apps to the "Apps" list under the MDM section and push it out to the tag. This worked for me perfectly.