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Hello everyone,


I work for a school district and we have a large amount of iPads for teachers to use to assist in teaching their students and to improve efficiency. We are currently implementing a COPE (Corperately Owned, Personally Enabled) structure. This means we as a tech department install managment software and any apps we need to place on the ipads, but after that we give the iPads out to the teachers and they use their own personal Apple ID to install apps they need. This has been working fine, however before we had a MDM (Mobile Device Management) service set up at least 80 ipads were issued out to teachers. This is where it gets tricky...


What I would like to do is collect all the iPads that are out there so we can install our MDM software, however in order to do this it requires us to reformat all the iPads (all iPads need to be placed in supervised mode which requires a reformat). Since these teachers have been using it all year they have a lot of pictures, videos, and app data that they would like to keep and so I was thinking of creating a tutorial on how to backup and restore their iPads from their iCloud after we install our MDM apps. Yet, from what I read the only way to perform an iCloud restore is to reset the iPad again which would wipe out the MDM apps and defeat the purpose on what I am trying to achieve.


SO, is there a way for an iCloud backup to be preformed so that all their iPad data can be restored without wiping all out MDM software in the process? Thanks for your time!