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hey guys... i can't find any information on opening up an apple store in my area. Where should I start? Is this even possible? Can apple stores be privately owned? I'm not wanted to be considered a "reseller" rather an "Apple Store" Any thoughts?

ps. couldn't find a spot in the discussions where to put this. sorry

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    Hi Cody:


    Maybe you could start here?

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    To my knowledge, Apple Stores are just that -- Apple's Stores. By definition, they are not privately owned, they're owned by Apple -- hence the name Apple Store.
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    ...they are not privately owned, they're owned by Apple...

    Yes - they are company stores, not franchises nor in any other way privately owned. The folk who work at an Apple Store are Apple Employees.

    FWIW, any privately owned store would also, by definition, be a reseller.
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    Hi Cody!

    There are Apple Authorized Service Providers.

    You could locate one in your area, using this Apple: Find Service: Search Page, call them, and maybe they will give you information, on how to become Apple Authorized.

    Good Luck!

    ali b
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    Read the Benefits & Requirements for the Apple VAR (Value Added Reseller) Program and/or get an application to participate in that program here:

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    Hi there,

    You might feel frustrated to obtain the information of become an Apple authorise reseller.

    Actually, I have been tried to contact Apple regarding to become an authorise reseller. If you call Apple custer service at 0800 039 1010 and then they will tell you to call their sales department in London. The number is 0208 218 1000.

    Apple will ask you to create an account with their Authorise distributors (Ingram, Computer 2000 and Westcoast Ltd). Also, you need to spend £34,000 per quarter with these three distributors. Okay, that's create an account with these three authorise distributors...

    After you have obtained an account with them. You will find out, these three distributors are not offer a competitively priced (even higher than Apple online store). The question is: How can you make a profit if you buy Apple products from these three distributors?

    I've been contact one of their sales, his name is Tim. Guess what did he told me? He said I need to spend £200,000 per quarter from these authorise distributors. I think you would rather to spend that money to buy Apple products from somewhere else.

    The reason why Apple don't want people to buy their products and resell them. Because they don't want to increase a competitor. If you buy Apple products directly and then sell cheaper to somewhere else. Who is going to buy Apple products from its online store?

    I will recommend don't waste your time to discuss with people from Apple. Because they are not going to help your bussiness.

    Good luck!!!