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I'm getting a new iMac.  I'm on a 2007 iMac.  I'm thinking I'd rather not just suck up the entire contents of the old iMac and throw it into the new iMac.  I'm thinking of keeping both running and transferring only the applications I need and only the documens I need over a period of time, manually.  Is there any logic to this? (My thinking is that I'd rather not import a seven year old mess to my new computer).  If I go this route, this is my question.  I own LogiPro recording software.  I bought it as an app at the online app store.  How do I transfer LogicPro to a new computer?  Can I do this?  Will the AppStore just let me re download it again?  Thanks, James

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    Yes it's a good idea to manually move what you need. You will probably have things installed you forgot about & don't need to migrate.


    Yes you can just sign in to the App Store with your Apple ID & download all the compatible software you own. It's best to download any apps again so that you get the latest versions. Make a list of what you use & check roaringapps.com for compatibility info.


    You can use Migration Assistant to just copy the user data if you want, however that can bring old preferences & other cruft.

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    Thanks Drew.  At my local Apple Store the tech assistant seemed bewildered over why I would want to do this manually, but you have confirmed my thinking and I'll do it manually and leave all the "cruft" behind.  Thanks.

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    Run EtreCheck if you want to see what is running on the old iMac.



    Print it out & show the assistant if it is full of kernel extensions & launchd items. You don't want them on 10.9 unless you actually use them.