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Hi. So I'm fairly new to the whole ios/apple ecosystem in fact my first ios device was an ipad 2 which i got as a present on June 2013, and am currently deciding on which iphone i should buy for next year. Anyways since I heard that ios 8 is coming for the ipad 2 and such, I plan on updating my ipad 2 to ios 7 but this is my first updating of software on any ios device and I have a few questions:


1. My ipad 2 is currently fully charged and I've used it so it has about let's say 97/96%? Since the instructions say to have ATLEAST 50% of battery or have it plugged in and charging.. I won't have to do this will I? As I have more than 50% of battery so i won't have to charge it while it's updating if I'm correct?


2. OTA vs iTunes installation. I've backed up everything and such and now I'm ready to update, but I don't know wheter to do it OTA or by iTunes. My best guess would be to do it OTA as it is as far as I can tell the quickest, but some have said that updating it from iTunes makes it slightly faster/less buggy than OTA. So which one would you guys recommend?



iPad 2, iOS 7.1.1