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  • VictoryCig Level 1 (15 points)
    Restart sometimes fixes the problem for me, but only for a couple hours.

    In addition, the restart sometimes doesn't help at all--problem continues just as soon as I restart.
  • Chain Level 1 (15 points)
    I found that if I reapplied my removal of 'deep sleep', the issue seems to be gone. Try the following. At the command prompt, type:

    sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

    Then logout, log in again, and it might solve the issue for you.
  • robjmc Level 1 (0 points)
    I believe I have the same trouble since 10.4.8 update. I hook up an external monitor then close the lid of the MacBook Pro to put it to sleep. I would then tap a key on the external keyboard to wake the external monitor and away I would go.

    Since 10.4.8, hitting the external keyboard does NOT wake the laptop while it is closed. Also, if I re-open the MacBook, its monitor is black and the external monitor is also black. It's as if all video signals have been wiped out.

    Happens about 50% of the time for me.

    Also had an issue where after waking the laptop, its video resolution reset to lowest (800X600?)

    There is definately a problem in 10.4.8 between sleep/wake and the video card.
  • staticuxo Level 1 (75 points)
    i'm also having the problem where the mbp will not sleep when the lid is shut, just the backlight shuts off. the backlight will also not turn back on when try to wake it, making me have to restart the computer.

    another problem is i can't seem to control the sleeping. i turned sleep to 'never' and when i come back from class it's sleeping!

    this never happened before.

    i'm having a lot of problems with this computer lately... i wish i could get a refund and get a 24" imac.
  • Robin K. Level 1 (5 points)
    Same issue here-
  • mhulot Level 1 (10 points)
    Fixed the problem did two things - noticed that system preferences had been changed to sleep never - after the update... changed that...

    also reset the pmu... can't tell you if this was necessary as i did both at the same time... but I can say that I closed the lid on my charged MBP over night and in the morning it was not warm nor was the battery depleted. hope this helps.
  • Microbreak Level 1 (10 points)
    I am having the same issue and went here to see if it was going on with anyone else. I'm thinking of reinstalling the 104.7 update and seeing if that fixes the problem.
  • Andrew Robulack Level 2 (260 points)
    Is it that easy? Do you just download the 10.4.7 disk image and do an install?
  • Microbreak Level 1 (10 points)
  • Andrew Robulack Level 2 (260 points)
    Another interesting pattern I've noticed: my MBP will only sleeping with a pulsing light when the lid is up. Even if it's in a sleep state with the light pulsing, as soon as I shut the lid, the light goes solid and it seems to come out of sleep.

    The machine seems to run much more warmly than before, even when supposedly "sleeping". This is especially true of the rear left-hand side. I've never noticed it to be so hot that I can't even touch, even when I've not been using it.
  • VictoryCig Level 1 (15 points)
    Even before 10.4.8, if my machine was asleep and I closed the lid, it would wake. Then when opening the lid, it would sleep again.

    Odd behavior, yes, but I don't think it's new to 10.4.8.
  • VictoryCig Level 1 (15 points)
    Fixed the problem did two things - noticed that
    system preferences had been changed to sleep never -
    after the update... changed that...

    I've always had my settings to sleep never when on AC power, and before 10.4.8, my MBP would still sleep when I closed the lid. Changing that setting should only affect how long the machine waits without user input before it sleeps itself, not whether or not it will sleep when the lid is closed.
  • Andrew Robulack Level 2 (260 points)
    One caveat: Aperture 1.5 likely won't operate if I do that. So: the choices are: downgrade to 10.4.7, go back to Aperture 1.x and reduce the stress on my battery, or stay where I am and use Aperture 1.5 but likely wear out my battery more quickly.

    Two bad options. Yuck.
  • UserUsingEndUserUseless Level 1 (85 points)
    Just noticed something interesting, if I turn AirPort off before I close the lid my MBP seems to go right to sleep. It still wakes up a little slow, but not as bad as when I left AirPort on. If nothing else it is worth a try.
  • Sulimo Level 1 (145 points)
    Yes, mine did this for the first time today also and I just installed 10.4.8. While this might not be the problem it definitely seems to have kicked started the problem for some that were not having this issue before.

    Quite alarming to open what you thought was your sleeping laptop and have it be so hot !
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