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  • Matthew Corkum Level 1 Level 1
    I have SiS661 IGP. Their drivers were updated in August. Mine is not crashing when watching videos though, even in the store. It just won't do coverflow.
  • Windoze2Mac Level 1 Level 1
    Sorry I've jsut realised why it doesn't work on my machine....

    ...the Windows Requirements are:

    * Windows XP or 2000 (latest service packs recommended)
    * 500 MHz Pentium class processor or better
    * QuickTime 7.1.3 (included)
    * 256MB RAM
    * Supported CD-R or DVD-R drive to burn CDs
    * Broadband Internet connection (DSL/Cable/LAN) for buying and streaming music

    Additional Video Requirements

    * 2.0 GHz Pentium class processor or better
    * 512MB RAM
    * 32MB video RAM

    Note the 32MB of RAM. I've only got a Matrox Millennium G450 Dual head graphics card with 16MB of onboard memory!!!

    That is why it doesn't work. I've upgraded to latest quickime and latest directX as well as latest driver for my graphics card...
    ...oh well
  • Matthew Corkum Level 1 Level 1
    I saw those requirements and thought they might be the culprit, but I have a P4 2.67ghz, 1.28gb of RAM, and 64mb of video memory. And there are folks with 256mb cards that can't get it to work.
  • Rick360 Level 1 Level 1
    Upgrades to iTunes 7 last night on my XP SP2 machine. Discovered the cover art brower and thought it was a pretty cool new feature. Anyway it worked right after the install. Though it did jump around a bit (when switching songs in shuffle mode it would show the cover for the new song then jump back to the prior song cover for a few seconds before finally settling on the new cover). Anyway this morning after booting my computer the browser doesn't work anymore, it just displays the "iTunes is unable to browse album..." Which is bunk since it worked right after the install. Other than running the iTunes setup and loading iTunes 7 I've made no other changes to my computer, just shut it down last night and restarted it this morning.
  • Matthew Corkum Level 1 Level 1
    Wow, Rick, that is really strange. Definitely a bug!
  • tradermazz Level 1 Level 1
    I have the exact same problem! 7.0 crashes when I try to go to the movies homepage.
  • luckystrikes Level 1 Level 1
    I also upgraded to iTunes 7 yesterday on one of my XP machines. I checked out cover flow after installation, and it worked as expected, only I had no album covers. I didn't want to create a store account and give them my credit card info just to get the covers, so I used Album Cover Art Downloader ( After that, the artwork shows up for individual mp3s, as well as in the grouped with artwork view, but cover flow doesn't work anymore. I get the same "iTunes is unable to browse album covers on this computer" error. Since there seem to be so many posts regarding this, I assume it has nothing to do with the Album Cover Art Downloader, which was a seperate process anyway. Maybe they were a little premature in releasing this version? Seems buggy. Hopefully it gets patched soon.

    windows, mac, linux
  • rabbithunter123 Level 1 Level 1
    I found a fix for the crashing problem on my Windows 2003 server system. I have an ATI Radeon 9700 card and somehow the driver's hardware acceleration setting wasn't set for full acceleration. Once I upped the acceleration to Full iTunes no longer crashes when I switch to the Movies or TV Shows section and the cover art works properly.

    It appears this crashing bug might be a less than graceful response by iTunes to not having enough video horsepower to display the cover art.
  • deano115 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem with itunes and read other peoples problem "iTunes is unable to browse album covers on this computer" , my computer is about 4 years old so i thought id look for a driver to upgrade, i found a driver on this website:{54dec725-f31a-4701-9b82-6fe62e28103d}&CatID={4c019fe2-641c-4696-bf49-5ff36d0c52 9f}

    and to my surprise when i downloaded it, rebooted my pc loaded itunes, i can now use the album cover feature, hope it works for you guys, good luck trying!!!
  • Hassi Norlen3 Level 1 Level 1
    Hi all.

    I had the same problem as everyone else. In my case, it worked fine right after install, and then today, I get the "can't display" error. Figuring it was a graphics card issue I checked what else I was running and found my culprit. Once I turned off NetMeeting, I tunes ran like quicksilver again, with cover art and all. I have had the same problem with Google Earth and NetMeeting, so I guess the Windows "native" app just totally hogs all the graphics RAM on my machine when running, even inactive.

  • Rick360 Level 1 Level 1
    3.2 GB processor / 128 MB of Video Ram here and still can't "browse" album art. Also it seems the v7 is a lot slower downloading podcasts and importing CDs. Anybody else notice this?
  • pmo167 Level 1 Level 1
    At least for me it was so simple I over looked it. For Win Xp, I checked my display properties and my color settings were on medium 16 bit. I changed it to high 32 bit and lo and behold the cover art worked again. Look at your display settings.
  • cluelesslyClueless Level 1 Level 1
    I have all the right specs on my machine. No net meeting. Has anyone experienced that the icons for itunes are not showing up on the desktop rather they show ICO in a square? Same with quicktime and the adobe reader. Is that somehow related too?

    Sony Vaio PCV-V300 Windows XP Pro

    Sony Vaio   Windows XP Pro  
  • Matthew Corkum Level 1 Level 1
    I've changed my display settings to every different configuration to no avail. 16bit, 32bit, all different resolutions, full hardware accel, less, etc. Still at a loss. Dammit!
  • thomashan Level 1 Level 1

    I've had the same problem since downloading iTunes 7 on my Windows 2000 Pro. After reading all these posts, here was my problem too.

    For some reason, my vidoe hardware acceleration was not set to Full. Once I set it to full, I can display album cover now.

    Of course it worked perfectly fine on first try on my MacBook Pro at work.
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