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    OK thank you to everyone who has been working on this issue it appears I am in the chosen few. "unable to browse album covers." my artwork is there on other views, and on my ipod. My itunes doesn't crash when viewing movies, or tv shows, it just doesn't show art work in coverflow. here is a very complete list of what I have tried.

    Updated DirectX
    Updated Video Driver
    Was not running at full acceleration, got very excited when I changed it, nothin, i even reinstalled itunes to make sure...nothing
    Display Settings: 32 bit, resolution 1024*768, have tried all combinations of these
    I am running windows 2003 server 2.4ghz processor, 1 gd RAM with an Nvidia GeForce MX 400 card, 64mb memory size
    Checked for windows updates

    *things I have noticed* when in coverflow view and reading that fun error message my CPU usage jumps to 80% from 5% i am sure this has something to do with it. But don't know what**

    I have done all of these "fixes" to no avail..... please anybody have any other ideas? Or should I just give up?? and pretend like I don't have serious envy of people that can use this sweet new feature, i.e. all of my friends with Apple computers, with no problems at all
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    i can't browse w\ coverflow on my sony
    but works perfectly on my dell?
    hurry up apple
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    I had this same problem with one computer but not with others. I found that on the one that did not work I had hardware acceleration set to about half way. I set it to full and I'm now able to browse the album covers. Give it a try, I hope this fixes it for you.
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    It worked for me, too! (My hardware acceleration had been set earlier by me to "none" for Camtasia video capture...)

    Setting hardware acceleration to full:

    Right-click on the Windows desktop.
    From the context menu, choose Properties.
    Choose Settings tab > Advanced button > Troubleshoot tab.
    Under Hardware acceleration, move the slider to "full".
    Choose apply.
    Click OK.... to exit back to the desktop.

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    I believe I have the solution. In your control panel, click on appearance and themes. Then click on change the screen resolution. Then under the settings tab click on the advanced button. THEN click on the troubleshoot tab. Move the hardware acceleration to FULL then click ok. Your screen will reset and you will be able to view cover flow in iTunes.

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    HP Pavilion   Windows XP  

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    "I believe I have the solution. Move the hardware acceleration to FULL then click ok. Your screen will reset and you will be able to view cover flow in iTunes."

    In response to that. other people in this thread have already posted the "answer" of changing hardware acceleration. after changing it to full, or leaving at full as it was already there, some of use still having problems, are wondering if any new ideas are coming??? anything else, please read what other people have tried and posted before posting, thank you
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    Any one have any new resolutions to this problem yet?

    I've updated my video driver,
    Hardware accelaration was already at max,
    I updated to the lastest version on QuickTime,
    blah, blah, blah...

    Problem still persits.
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    My PC is having the same trouble except the albums
    are all pixelated and garbled (is that even a word?).
    The navigation under the albums is the same way.
    They move back and forth, but they just don't
    display correctly. Good thing I have 2 macs
    waiting for me at home!

    Same problem here. Also started encountering the gapless-playback scratch/skip problem on the second day when iTunes finished it's initial analysis/processing run. Furthermore, iTunes gets stuck during any attempt at the automatic album art retrieval process.

    So far I have updated my directx and video/soundcard drivers, and played with the quicktime audio quality/rate/output settings, all to no avail.

    I've pushed all my friends and family over the last few years to try iTunes b/c I've had such a great experience. I know my expectations are higher for iTunes than they are for most others freebies (I know the store provides incentive to Apple) but I thought that was a good thing.

    p.s. it's been a week now. how about some information Apple?

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    home made Windows XP

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    I know that a crash is a much more serious issue than degraded performance. I appreciate that you can only do one thing at a time but, uh, how about the rest of us here? Can you give us the scoop on a bug fix release or any thoughts on some of the more prevalent problems, i.e. coverflow errors, gapless playback/lagging or scratched-sounding playback, memory leaking, etc.?

    come on.... come on....
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    As per my VLC woes:

    I found out why using VLC would interfere with iTunes playback - I had to set VLC to use WaveOut only and not DirectX.

    Kind of annoying that I have to change my other software so it does interfere with iTunes. There was a small piece of text on the sound issues document that has been linked to quite a bit mentioning changing other software to not use DirectX...
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    I have been following this thread with interest as I have a blocky image in coverflow on my PC at home, but on my laptop in the office, everything is OK.

    I can recreate the issues of the PC at home, in the office by moving the harware acceleration slider to the left.

    I have tried all suggestions, with no change.

    The Home PC specs are 1.1Ghz AMD with 768Mb RAM, and a Matrox G450 eTV graphics card with 32Mb. Screen resolution 1024x768.

    My Office laptop has a 1.6Ghz Intel with 512Mb RAM, and an Nvidia g-force 4 with 32Mb. Screen resolution 1680x1050.

    Both PC's were built using the same WinXP CD, with the same software and patches.

    I have changed the screen resolution at the office to 1024x768, and all is still ok.

    I don't know if this info helps, but would seem to indicate that its got nothing to do with system RAM or Video RAM, but maybe the age of the hardware of my PC at home.
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    The album cover view does not work on my home PC.
    AMD 2800+, 1GB memory, ATI 9800 Pro ... running Win2k SP4.
    Hardware acceleration is at full, 1280x1024, 32bit

    I will verify / update DirectX and the ATI drivers tonight.

    It works well on my work PC.
    Intel 2.4GHz, 1.5GB memory, Intel 82865G and NVidia MX4000 ... running Win2k SP4.
    Hardware acceleration at full, 1280x1024, 32bit on both displays

    Powerbook G4 550mhz   Mac OS X (10.4)  
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    I just tried all these settings with no luck... Ran dxdiag and enabled directdraw and it is working flawlessly!! Give it a shot. Start.. run.. dxdiag.. display tab.. enable directdraw.
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    DirectDraw was already enabled.

    Nice suggestion though, thanks.
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    elflord rock my face off!!! i just tried dxdiag it was disabled and now it is enabled and working beautifully??? my question of course is why was it tunred off?

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