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I just recently got an iPad and when I connect to my laptop on look at the content in iTunes it shows me three videos that I most certainly did not download and I have no idea where it came from. Any ideas on how I can delete it from the iPad/from iTunes? There are two videos I recognize from my old Windows Laptop (I have a Mac now) but the other three videos is of some TV show I don't watch and have never heard of before and is quite inappropriate. I have no idea how to delete it! Even though it just shows up when I plug my Ipad to my laptop and open it in Itunes i really really want to get rid of it. Help?


Also does anyone know if whats on the Icloud fills up the "Other" section of Ipad Usage? I have a HUGE other section on my Ipad and like I said very new so I have no idea where its coming from

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What is "Other"


1. Cache for apps, browser, mail, Messages, Reading List


2. Saved games


3.Documents and data


4. Notes


5. Voice Memos


You can backup and restore to reduce "other" but they will start building up over time.

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