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Whenever I try to open iTunes on my iPad, it just says "loading" for ages, then it times out. I have. Read a ton of suggestions, and have tried all of them ; rebooting router, rebooting iPad, resetting iPad, holding down the power and circular button, trying to access it through Safari a Google search, checking my date and time, location and Apple ID and many other ways, but nothing seems to work. Is this a problem on Apple Itunes' end or am I missing something?

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    Try sign out and sign in again



    Settings>iTunes and App Store>Apple ID

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    Tried that-thank you for the suggestion, but it didn't work. Randomly, last night it opened, but this morning it says "loading" and then, "Cannot connect to ITunes Store" I am trying to rent a movie. Just wondering if this is my IPad or if it is the iTunes Store itself. I can access my own music, just not iTunes. I even tried to access iTunes through Google- no love.