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Hi, I have been using my 2006 Mac Pro with Dual monitors since I bought it without problems, however today somethng happened and now the monitors have switched sides and the resolution is different between them.


The screen without the finder menu bar (which was formerly on the right) has swapped to the left and has a magnified resolution. I've tried lots of things in system preferences/displays, but nothing works. If I go to the "arrangement" tab and swap the screen positions, both screens go blue and then light up again but the screen positions haven't changed. The screen icons in the pereferences window do change but make no difference to the actual screens.


If I change the resolution in the "display" tab, again the screens appear to reset but only the finder menu screen (now on the right) changes resolution.


I've tried resetting the PRAM, repairing disk permissions and rebuilding the disk with disk warrior. Nothing works.


Prior to this happening I was trying to set up Logic nodes, connecting via ethernet to my macbook pro. I was having some issues and saw some advice on a forum that I should try deleting the preference file com.apple.alf.plist. I think the screen issue happened after I deleted this file and restarted. I've since returned the original com.apple.alf.plist file (from the trash), repaired disk permissions, restarted etc. but no luck.


I had also selected screen sharing in file sharing (system preferences) prior to this problem occuring and have since turned it off as I thought that might have contributed.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have looming deadlines and can't work until I resolve this problem.


Thanks in advance.


OSX 10.6.8

2006 Mac Pro

2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-core Intel Xeon