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I think I read or saw somewhere that one of the advantages of a mac is avoiding the Windows 'blue screen of death' message that always appeared everyonce in a while forcing you to restart.

Well, I have encountered a mac counterpart. Since yerterday, everytime I try to open Garageband, a grey 'curtain' draws on the screen from top to bottom and a kind message in many languages asks me to restart my machine. This has happened now 6 times in a row, with no apparent solution.

Everything was working fine. I bought an M-Audio Firewire Solo interface with DX 4 monitors to record and monitor guitar and other audio tracks. Downloaded the latest drivers for OS 10.4.7., tested, worked fine. I even recorded a guitar track.

And now, it seems I am doomed with the mac 'grey screen of death'



imac intel core duo, Mac OS X (10.4.7), 20 inch
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    This is called a kernel panic, it is very rare and is usually caused by a hardware issue. My guess is the M-Audio driver. Try uninstalling it and redownloading and installing it again. Some drivers come with a uninstaller because you can not update the old driver, and installing a new one on top of a old one will cause a conflict.

    Also the firewire solo is a old device it may need to be plugged/unplugged while the computer is shut off.
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    Ill try your sugggestion.

    what do you mean by having to plug and unplug the firewire solo when I turn off the computer? You mean from the firewire input? It is powered this way.
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    what do you mean by having to plug and unplug the
    firewire solo when I turn off the computer?

    Phrased another way: When you want to unplug the FireWire Solo, you may need to shut down your computer to prevent damaging the FireWire port.
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    thanks ! i get it now
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    Also try deleting the Garage Band preferences file somewhere in YourHomeDrictory/Preferneces
    I think its com.apple.GarageBand.plist