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I have an ipad 3. Some time ago the glass broke so I started using my wifes ipad.  I finally got around to fixing it but now I don't remember the password (I tried usual suspects, but now I have to wait an hour between each new try).  I know how to restore, but that will wipe all the data (I don't have backups of this device on this machine).


What I'd like to do is a backup of the device, THEN restore as new.  That way, I know I'll at least still have my data (lots of photos) in that saved backup for whenever I can remember the password.  But at least I won't have to rememinber it NOW to use it.  Basically I don't mind doing a system wipe and having all my data lost if I know there is an image of it on my machine that I migth be able to get into somehow/someway.


So is there a way to do a backup without knowing the password?  Either using iTunes or another app?


Bonus question:  If I do a "restore", what iOS version gets restored?  Does it check for the latest or?  I ask because this iPad doesn't have iOS7 and I don't really want it (I'd rather keep 6.x that's on it)


Thanks in advance!

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 6
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    Have you synced this iPad with your computer in the past? If yes, wait until your time limit is up, connect the iPad to your computer and it should unlock in iTunes. If you have not done so you will have to Restore it and it will be at iOS 7.1.1

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    deggie:  It seems I haven't sync'd it with this PC before becase the only options iTunes gives me is to enter the password first so I can access it.  Although it's been a while since I've used it (its an ipad 3, got it pretty close to launch, broke the glass, and have used my wifes ipad 2 since), I'm pretty sure this is the same PC as when I was using it so I was pretty suprised that it wouldn't see it as mine.  Unless my iTunes is now set to (only?) work with my iphone and my wifes ipda?


    So I don't want to restore as that'll wipe all my data forever (and I really don't want iOS 7.1.1)

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    If it won't let you in without the password then something has changed and it can't recognize it.


    To do what you want to do try a hypnotist and see if they can recover the passcode you used.

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    I'm not even being promted for my password.  And I'm not asking for help on how to bypass the password.  I'm just trying to make a BACKUP of the data before doing a full system wipe.  I

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    You can't do a backup without the password being entered.

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    Well that blows.  Then I'll just keep this thing in stasis until software or a way comes around of backing it up or cracking the password.  I'd rather not use the thing then restore it and lose all my pictures.

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    What we be the point of the passcode anyone could easily bypass it? But you might try Google