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I have an ipad 3. Some time ago the glass broke so I started using my wifes ipad.  I finally got around to fixing it but now I don't remember the password (I tried usual suspects, but now I have to wait an hour between each new try).  I know how to restore, but that will wipe all the data (I don't have backups of this device on this machine).


What I'd like to do is a backup of the device, THEN restore as new.  That way, I know I'll at least still have my data (lots of photos) in that saved backup for whenever I can remember the password.  But at least I won't have to rememinber it NOW to use it.  Basically I don't mind doing a system wipe and having all my data lost if I know there is an image of it on my machine that I migth be able to get into somehow/someway.


So is there a way to do a backup without knowing the password?  Either using iTunes or another app?


Bonus question:  If I do a "restore", what iOS version gets restored?  Does it check for the latest or?  I ask because this iPad doesn't have iOS7 and I don't really want it (I'd rather keep 6.x that's on it)


Thanks in advance!

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