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on Friday, my iPnone 4S will no longer allow me to access my yahoo account.  I reset the password. and reset it in the settings and srill can not access.  My AppleCare has expired.  The phone itself was replaced just a few months ago due to battery life failure.  now, i hace a new device and no way to troubleshoo and rcorrect issue>  I am looking for:    A)  How tp get help from Apple without paying, since the devise itself is new;    B)  Find out what to do from this communities experience without causing further damage to the account or the phone itself.  I should note that yaboo mail CAN still be accessed through the PC, so i assume it is an issue with the settings for the yahoo account or the actual;server access through this partucular iPhone.  PLEASE HELP!  PC is getting ready to crash!!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.2