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have been trying to print panoramas some are ok but some have exclamation mark in the upper right hand corner this is on the aperture print page have created a custom page size 297 x 900 no border also some  have a border

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    Are you seeing a yellow exclamation point like this, gerald273?


    Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 12.27.45GMT+2.png


    Then your panorama may have a poor resolution.

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    Aperture is warning you that the pixels-per-inch are not high enough to produce an acceptably sharp print.


    Badges are explained here in the User Manual.


    You can either:

    - make the print area smaller

    - print as is


    I don't know the number Aperture uses as a cut-off, but a quick test shows it's 150 PPI.  Afaik, this number is fixed; it is not relative to printer, content, or anything else.


    What units are you using for "297 x 900"?

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  • gerald273 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    297 x 900 mm

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    150 pixels per inch is equal to 6.1 pixels per millimeter.  You need 1812 x 5490 pixels to print 297 x 900 mm at 6.1 pixels per millimeter.  Aperture is telling you that your Image has fewer than that.


    Note that 150 PPI is a good minimum to work with.  You really want at least 200 PPI, and closer to 300 PPI, for "sharp enough to be examined by hand" prints.

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    how do i go about that

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    gerald273 wrote:


    how do i go about that

    Go about what?


    To have enough pixels to print large sharp prints, you need to record them.  Since you are stitching panoramas, things you might consider:

    - make sure your stitching program is giving you back almost as many pixels as you put in

    - record more pictures to stitch together, each of which covers a smaller arc of the scene

    - use a camera that records more pixels.

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    My equipment should be more than capable which is as follows Panasonic GX7=16MP, lens 14mm Panasonic pancake lens plus printing on Epson r2000

    as stated in my initial post some pictures are ok,the camera has a panorama mode which  stitches the pictures together

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    What size are the panoramas you've taken?  Are the ones that don't show the yellow warning badge larger than those that do?


    What does Panasonic say about the size of panoramas recorded with your camera?


    My guess is that at almost 1 m wide you are at the limit of how large you can print at 150 PPI due to the limitation in how many pixels you can record in panorama mode.