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Macbook Pro with Maverick.  Sophos antivirus. Firewall on

I use Safari as my primary web browser.  I can access certain sites with Safari such as Facebook and Twitter.  I cannot access other sites.  I am in the Netherlands at the moment and I noticed that I seem to be directed to google.nl.  Websites with .nl do not work.  Anytime I get redirected to google.nl nothing works.  What happens is that the website doesn't load.  It is only a blank white page.  I try to access the same sites with my IPhone and they also don't work.  I have run a Sophos scan on my Mac and nothing came up.  I also have the firewall up.  I think this may be a problem with the internet in the Netherlands, but I don't know for certain and I want to make sure I don't have a weird virus or something. 


For example in trying to troubleshoot this problem many people have suggested thesafemac.com, but I can't get the website to work.  In this case it doesn't redirect, it just won't open. 


Any thoughts?