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It seems as though i can no longer have the lower case i become the upper case I just by typing i then hitting the space space bar.  I am using Pages Version 5.2

(the freebie download).  It seems like that was always the case in the old(?) version of Pages 9.  It also no longer will capitalize the first letter of a new sentence without me having to use the shift key.  The version of pages I am using has icon image of a piece of paper with pen across it versus the old on of the fountain pen and ink well.  Don't know if I inadvertently changed some setting or if this new and improved version has done away with these features.  I tried using the Keyboard in System Preferences and the Text option but it requires at least a two character input to make a change.  i, is just one letter short. 


I'd like to get this corrected if possible.  Just can't figure out what I've done wrong, if anything.  Can't find it in the online manual or any other source that purports to to be knowledgeable.


Using a macBook Pro 15" Retina, Mavericks OSX Version 10.9.3, and the "new" downloaded Pages Version5.2.  I am just about ready to take these great new Apps in iWork and put them all in the trash and secure empty it.


That's my tale of woe.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you,


Bill A