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I have an account with both the apple site (for here) and for the itunes music store (and i have a current credit card on my account). when I upgraded to itunes 7, it says i do not have an account now....even tho it says to use your apple login (which i've always used to download things from itunes music store), it comes back and says i have no account....

why is this happening? is this a bug? if you have to recreate the account, shouldn't they have said something oremailed something to tell me that/????

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Solved by flipm0e on Sep 14, 2006 9:50 AM Solved
login to apple's myinfo page and see what your actual Apple ID is. You have to enter whatever your Apple ID is into iTunes when you try to sign in.


If you can't login to myinfo, then you've got an account ID or password issue. (in which case use iforgot http://iforgot.apple.com )