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Hi guys I'm trying to log and capture from Beta tape using Sony UVW 1800 beta cam sp deck with Sony media converter DVMC-DA2. But every time I open the log and capture screen, it says 'no communication'


From Sony UVW 1800 Betacam sp deck to Sony media converter DVMC-DA2:

-S video cable, RCA video cable, Audio cable connected with RCA cable.


From Sony media converter DVMC-DA2 to Macbook pro:

-Firewire 400w/ firewire 800


FCP 7 settings:

-DV-NTSC easy setup

-Capture settings: Non controllable device



Sony UVW 1800 betacam sp Settings:

-VTR setting(Local/Remote) is on Local


Is there special setting needed for Sony UVW 1800 betacam sp deck?

If there's anyone knowing the solution, pls share.....!! God will bless you!!!