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I mostly use my ipod to listen to podcasts and have had problems having itunes autodeleting the podcast after I finish listening to it on my ipod. I have tried to set my itunes to auto delete everything but unplayed episodes but that has not helped. I have tried to play a podcast and stop it with a few seconds left to see if it delete and that does not work. I have also tried playing the entire podcast and that also does not auto delete. I currently only listen to podcasts on my ipod and it seems like there should be a way for it to auto sync and delete podcasts that have been listened to on ur ipod from your itunes library.

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    Assuming you're running iTunes 7, iTunes will (auto)delete any podcast if:

    1) Edit | Preferences | Podcasts | Keep: is set to "All unplayed episodes"
    2) You've listened to the entire podcast. It will not (auto)delete partially listened to podcasts.

    Having said that, I'm experiencing a similar problem with one of my podcasts, Science Friday from NPR. All my other podcasts autodelete when I "Refresh," but the Science Fridays have to be manually deleted.

    I've also found by changing Edit | Preferences | Podcasts | Keep: to "All Episodes," running a "Refresh," and then changing back to "All uplayed episodes" will sync things properly.

    At this point, I don't know if my problem is the Science Friday server or something peculiar to the few podcasts on my iPod ...

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