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I replaced a 3200GB HitachiI  Deskstar drive in my  MacAlly model PHR-S100SUA FireWire/USB 2.0 enclosure with a brand new seagate barracuda 1 TB drive.


However it does not show up on the desktop of my iMac 3.06 GHz Intel OS X version 10.9.3.


The 320 GB drive worked perfectly but i needed more GB's storage space.


What do i do to mount the Seagate. Disk Utility and Disk Warrior do not "see" it.


Please help. Please note that this is my first time ever for doing this. I thought it was a simple unplug/remove then install and plug in the power and data cords for the new drive.

  • Mike Sombrio Level 6 (14,856 points)

    in order to use the drive you need to partition and format it for use with your Mac. http://macs.about.com/od/applications/ss/diskutilformat.htm

    But if the drive isn't showing up in Disk Utility you either have a bad drive, a problem with the enclosure or a bad cable.

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    Thanks for your interest/reply to my problem.


    I used a different firewire cable and that brought a response whereby I could use Disk Utilities to Partition the Seagate drive.  However the partition failed with the error: Disk object invalid or unable to serialize.
    At this point the drive is no longer recognized by Disk Utility.


    Now what can I do ?

  • Mike Sombrio Level 6 (14,856 points)

    HHave you tried it with a USB cable instead?

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    Good suggestion. I just tried with a USB cable and Disk Utilities  pops the message file "Disk erase failed with the error message:  system formatter failed. "


    Bad, Bad disk ?


    Heading down to my local Staples store for a replacement of this $90. hard drive. Most unusual because this is the second Seagate that has gone bad for me.  The first was a Apple recall on my iMac's 1TB internal hard drive not too long ago.


    Geezz, I had a Apple/Seagate 2GB that lasted 18 years in my 8500 PowerMac that went thru some heavy duty usage.  So, it's true, they just don't make them the way they used to.

  • Mike Sombrio Level 6 (14,856 points)

    BBad disk I'd guess. Seagate isn't what they used to be.

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    First let me say thank you Mike Sombrio for providing me your help/advice and having the patience to follow my postings.


    Staples gave me another drive after they confirmed it was bad.  I don't know why they would worry about that since Seagate has a one year warranty since the drive i bought was not even one week old. However the Staples tech guy said that on their system's  iMac it indicates the enclosure is bad or wonky. ( Their system check means the drive does not show up on the desktop. )


    After coming home and reviewing my purchase documents for all my three MacAlly SATA/FireWire/USB drives there was one incident of MacAlly replacing the power cord. I completely forgot about that. Now if all power cords are the same for these three drives I will try a different chord.


    Since MacAlly seems to be out of business i wonder if i could get a replacement power chord at a RadioShack/Source outlet ?

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    Macally is NOT out of business.





  • mac midiguy Level 1 (60 points)

    Thank you kindly. For some crazy reason my FireFox/Goggle never saw those sites or i may have typed in the wrong info.


    Glad you told me. They still sell/carry the same FireWire/USB 2 enclosure i have been using for at least 5 years.


    Plan on ordering another one thru their web store for shipment to Canada.

    Model PHR-S100SUA Hi-Speed eSATA/FireWire/USB 2.0 Storage Enclosure For 3.5" SATA HDD