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It's a fairly old machine that originally came loaded with Tiger. It has a G4 1GHZ processor and 512 MB of RAM. I have the Leopard OS discs that came with my iMac but they won't install on the iBook, presumably because the version of Leopard on the install discs is optimized for the Intel processor in the iMac?

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    Correct. You need to buy a retail Mac OS X 10.5 DVD, and should buy and install more RAM.



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    The discs are machine specific meaning the install disc that came with your iMac won't work on the iBook.


    Mac OS X 10.5 - Technical Specifications

    General requirements

    • Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (867MHz or faster) processor
    • 512MB of memory
    • DVD drive for installation
    • 9GB of available disk space
    • Some features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply.


    v10.5 Leopard can be purchased from Amazon.


    Go here >  http://www.apple.com/support/leopard/


    Then click: Contact Apple Support


    If they don't sell the Leopard disc anymore, they may have some suggestions.

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    Yes, if it has the requirements.


    Leopard System requirements


    You must have a Macintosh computer with:


    • an Intel processor or a PowerPC G4 (867 MHz or faster) or G5 processor
    • a DVD drive >built-in FireWire
    • at least 512 MB of RAM (additional RAM is recommended for development purposes)
    • a built-in display or a display connected to an Apple-supplied video card supported by your computer
    • at least 9 GB of disk space available, or 12 GB of disk space if you install the developer tools


    If you have another computer's installer discs they cannot be used on a different computer. You can buy a retail copy of Leopard on eBay or Amazon that will work on both PPC and Intel Macs.

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    Thanks Niel

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    Thanks to Carolyn and Kappy too. I'll do as you suggest and try to get hold of a retail version.

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    Thanks for the link to the support page. Very helpful