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I want to instal more ram in my Apple iMac "Core i5" 2.8 27-Inch (Mid-2010),

does anybody know if this ram will work?

I'm looking at 4 x 8GB Strontium NON-ECC 1333MHz DDR3 SODIMM, 

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    If this is not the memory supplier as installed, it would be prudent to check out the links below.   Buying memory because it is cheaper or your friend uses it or whatever is not good practice with Apple products.

    Many people on these forums speak well of the following memory suppliers.


    In North America contact OWC … http:// Upgrade Apple iMac Memory

    In Europe contact Crucial.com …   RAM Memory Upgrade


    Both companies have facilities to guide you and will recommend the correct memory package to meet the needs you describe to them. There may be benefits buying from whichever company has a branch in your own geographical location insofar as Shipping charges, Local sales taxes and Exchange rates. Check out the basic memory costs and do your sums.

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    It seems that not all ram is created equal. I noticed some people having trouble with certain brands once they went above 8gb.