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Hi all. I recently used Time Machine to restore a previous system on my 2008 MacBook. I have Mavericks, but needed to get into Leopard to access information from a defunct program. Problem is, whereas I could use Command R on restart to start the erase and restore process, I can't do that from Leopard. (I didn't know that before!!) After an internet search, I realized that you need an install disk to do this from Leopard. Well, I do have a Snow Leopard Install DVD (I think it's from my iMac). But when I try it on the MacBook, I get the message that I can't use this disk on this computer. I did an update software, but the result is the same. I have all my files on an external from Time Machine, but how can I get back to anything later than Leopard??

Help would be appreciated (again).