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I found this on my system:




I have downloaded Kaspersky Virus Scan at the App store and it has detected it. It can't be quarantined nor disinfected. I am not really a techy either but hoping someone can help me with this?


Am on a MPB mid 2012.


Thanks in advance.

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    The name would suggest that this is a component of the Downlite (aka VSearch) adware. However, I believe Kaspersky also identifies some components of Conduit by that name. In any case, it looks like you probably have adware installed. See my Adware Removal Guide for help finding and getting rid of any adware.


    Note that you should not attempt to have Kaspersky remove any of the files. That is unlikely to completely remove the adware, even if you can make it work. In addition, Kaspersky is not a particularly well-respected company in the Mac community. Their tools have been known to damage user accounts so that the user could no longer log in to the computer, and they've recently said some really bone-headed things publicly. I would not recommend using their software.


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    thank you thomas_r.


    yup.it was downline and vidx....will run another scan later and see if the adwares were finally taken out.

    on the note regarding kaspersky...hmmm, i downloaded it from the App Store...with regards to the Virus Scanner(which was a paid app)-a lighter version of their Anti Virus software I believe, do you suggest that I remove it or just keep it the system?if i remove it, are there any good recommended scanners i could use as to prevent further incidents such as these?

    sorry for bugging you with so many questions and thank you so much for the link...

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    App Store anti-virus apps can't really hurt anything, as long as you never let them delete anything they find. (That's a good general rule for all anti-virus software.) So, although I don't really respect Kaspersky, keeping that app isn't doing you any harm, as long as you use it properly and aren't assuming that its use it keeping you safe.


    As for what else to use instead, it's important to understand that no anti-virus software would be able to guarantee that you won't have a recurrence of this event. Most anti-virus software doesn't recognize most adware at all. One may detect one adware program, while another may detect a different one. There's just no consistency in this area. Fortunately, adware is very easy to avoid if you're careful about what you download.


    For more information on this, see my Mac Malware Guide.


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    Hi Thomas


    Your assistance brought me a big relief for the trouble I was facing with exactly the same problem for last 2 days. I spent lot of time with apple support chat, but they could do little, then i too downloaded kaspersky from app store and it detected 83 threats, it could treat only 77 and the remaining 6 were this Vsearch adware.


    I am so relieved and I did donate couple of dollars as my little bit I could on your payment page.


    Thanks once again,