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I have a Mac Mini 2012 model, and an HP ZR30w display. They worked fairly well together, using a Display Link -> Display Link Mini cable plugged into the Thunderbolt connection.

Even while this combo worked I had wake-up issues, in that the screen remained off until I unplugged and replugged the DisplayLink cable.


Then all of a sudden I could no longer log in: The Mac booted until I could click my user, and after entering the password I saw the eternally spinning color wheel. When I used another display via DVI, everything worked as before.


Now, a few days later, the Mac crashes almost immediately. Sometimes I get until the logon screen, but then the Mac reboots spontaneously. As before, a DVI connected display works fine.


So my question is: How can this be? The display can obviously be detected and used, otherwise I couldn't see the logon screen. What exactly is causing the later reboot?


Thanks! Martin