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Seems like the new firmware update didn't solve the problem and it still exists

my air went to sleep and didn't woke up, i had to restart the machine to use it

Have any of you guys have the same issue?

please share and discuss



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    Hi Starscreams,


    Welcome to the Support Communities!  The article below will help you troubleshoot the issue you are having with your Macbook Air not waking from sleep:


    OS X: When your Mac doesn't sleep or wake



    If you are using a Mac notebook:

    • Make sure the computer's battery is charged. Try connecting the power adapter to the computer, then press the power button for one second to see if the computer powers on.
    • Make sure the AC power cord is connected securely to the power outlet, and that the outlet it is working correctly. Confirm the power adapter or cable is attached firmly.
    • If your computer is plugged into a power strip, make sure the power strip is not turned off. Check to make sure other items connected to the power strip are receiving power.
    • Confirm the right power adapter is connected on Mac notebook computers. If a lower wattage power adapter is used than the one that came with your Mac, it may not provide enough power to charge the battery while the computer is powered on. Make sure there is no debris in the MagSafe port that might prevent charging. When your MagSafe cable is connected properly, you should see a green or orange light on the connector.


    Additional troubleshooting

    If the steps above do not resolve your sleep-related issue, try these additional recommendations.

    Reset SMC

    Reset NVRAM/PRAM

    Test with external devices disconnected

    Try Safe Mode

    Try another user account


    I hope this information helps ....



    - Judy