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I want to upgrade my G5 Quad to have wireless internet so I don't have to have it sucking the internet from my Dell N5110. I know the late 2005s need some dumb card apple made called the runway for the extreme/bluetooth combo to connect. I have looked every way for this card and cant find it on ebay, amazon or some random mac part stores online. Any help finding this card would be greatly appreciated . Or if any one knows of a PCIE card that is airport "compatible" that would be awesome since i would assume thats a cheeper alternative.

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The runway card is necessary to mate the combined Airport Extreme/Bluetooth card with the PCM card connector (not to be confused with PCIE) on your Mac's motherboard.


I'd recommend buying a product like this from a vendor who offers tech support and a warranty. Here's two examples that would work with your computer (Late 2005 PowerMac G5):



http://www.dvwarehouse.com/MA252G/A-Apple-AirPort-Extreme/Bluetooth-Upgrade-Kit- for-Power-Mac-G5-Dual-Core--Quad-Core-Late-2005-p-36513.html


I bought one of these from the one of these vendors (can't remember which) for my G5 and it's been working fine ever since.

When you install the antennas to the card, be very careful not to bend the plugs--the metal is very thin. After pushing them on, try to twist the plugs slightly to verify they're solidly in place. Your OS should already have the drivers for this card, so it should be recognized when you power it back up.