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Just got my Mac Pro - great machine!
I need to add a few more USB ports and would rather add them using PCI Express cards instead of a USB hub. Has anyone tried and had any luck with any on a Mac Pro?

Have 2 IOGEAR cards (model GIC251U) left over from my PowerMac but they do not fit.


Mac Pro - dual 2ghz, 4mb ram, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • The hatter Level 9 (60,925 points)
    Not sure but Aaxeon brand has PCI Express and you can find them at OWC (MacSales). They have USB, USB/FW800.
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    I have just installed a Sonnet PCI Express USB card. If you install one of these USB expansion cards, the MacPro will not wake from sleep - I found this out the hard way. Now I have to have a permanently awake Mac.

    Apple are aware of this problem, but their USB drivers remain incapable of dealing with this it. There is as far as I know, no workaround, according to Sonnet. It details the problem on its site.

    It really is a shame that a machine I am smitten by, has such a basic problem - Especially as it is to all intents an Intel machine.

    Just be aware of this quirk - I will say however, that the extra ports work absolutely fine, so I just have my Mac always awake, and turn it off when I am not using it. Boots pretty fast anyway.