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Hi All,


Have searched several questions but can't seem to find a full current answer - i would hugely appreciate some help!


I have an ipad 2nd gen which i am more than happy with and an iphone 5s. My main computer that was being used solely to back-up both devices was a dell laptop which has been dead for a while now. Ipad and iphone are now full to the brim with photo's, music etc and i have no where to sync the devices.


The simple solution would be to buy an imac right? Just the small problem of £! I can't currently afford this so have been looking into the prospect of buying the mac mini. Could i use this to sync both devices, transfer all my music and photo's onto and then be able to delete from my ipad and iphone leaving me with space for backups etc? Also, could i use my ipad as a screen for the mac mini? (i have a keyboard and mouse ready to go)


Any help would be hugely appreciated.. thanks in advance!