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iMac OSX v 10.8.5
3.4 GHz Interl Core i7
24gb memory


My husband stays up most of the night playing some game on his Mac. Because our Comcast wireless router seems to slow down while he's playing, he usually reboots the router before he goes to bed. For the last week or so, when I get up an hour or two after he has gone to bed, my iMac will not connect to the WIFI network until after I restart it. Once I restart my iMac, the connection is fine.


I currently have the computer set to never sleep and the display to sleep after 15 min.

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    You may want to consider updating to 10.9.4 and that should take care of the issue.

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    Have your husband shut down your Mac when he's done so when you reboot in the morning you'll be connected.


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    Have you tried just turning off the Wifi then on again on the iMac? Click on the WiFi symbol in the menu bar and turn it off, turn on and see if that cures it.

    It should not need you to do this but sometimes some pieces of equipment don't always work together as completely as they should. Otherwise as Old Toad suggests have your husband turn off the computer or better still ask him to leave it in a working condition.

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    Thanks, but I am unable to turn the WIFI back on. I would really like to avoid having to restart as I usually leave a big pile of work docs open on my desktop. This problem just started happening recently and I can't think of anything new that might be causing it.


    There were a lot of bad reviews of Mavericks when it was initially released. Are lots of people still having problems with it?

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    Has rkaufmann87  says 10.9.4 update fixes certain wifi problems with Mavericks, I am not sure if this is one of them but if you are using an earlier version of Mavericks it would be worthwhile installing that update. Remember to have a good backup before updating, you should have one of those anyway.


    I can only comment on Mavericks from my own experience with two Macs, both have run the software from its release without any problems.mind, the earlier versions of the other OS X gave me no problems either.


    If he does not play the game and does not reboot the router can your Mac work ok  in a morning? I am just wondering if it is a new problem with your computer that would occur anyway even without a router reboot.


    I have just noticed that your are using Mountain Lion 10.8.5, why the remark about Mavericks? I would not suggest an upgrade to any software unless you research that it will work with all your hardware and software first.. That I believe has been the biggest problem for people with Mavericks, just updating without checking if there complete system is suitable.

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    I mentioned Mavericks because someone recommended upgrading to 10.9.4 earlier in this discussion.

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    I think you need to try and resolve or find a work around this problem before any upgrade of the OS then.


    Another option is to save your work, you can leave the files open and then put the Mac to sleep. it may work when woken as the WiFi interface would not have been connected when the network traffic was causing problems.


    These are just work arounds though and I have no idea why this problem should occur.