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I recently logged into my iPad about 2-3hrs ago and worked perfectly, recharged battery - everything working fine. When I turned it into sleep mode and turned it on next time I used it, my passcode some how didn’t agree with the iPad. It was the passcode I used about 5 mins from that time period and the device won’t let me in! I have tried many many times with the same passcode, recently changed pass codes etc etc to try and log into my iPad2, but they all failed. I made sure every letter was perfect to the word in my passcode and any numbers are in the same spots - still, the iPad doesn’t like me using this passcode! So I have been locked out many times as I am sure you can guess and now I am on the last resort of the disabled screen -“connect to iTunes"


Easy, I connect my USB converter from my iPad into my mac - done it before to synch iPad and restore once so I can do it again. However iTunes doesn’t seem to recognise my iPad either! But this was the same mac, same USB converter, same iPad that I used last time! iTunes says "iTunes could not connect to the iPad “Pin3AppLE's iPad” because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPad before it can be used with iTunes.” but I can’t access my passcode because my iPad has kicked the bucket and doesn’t want to be my passcode’s friend so I can’t restore my backups or anything because I need to log in with a passcode that idk about!


So how am I suppose to access my iPad when; 1) my passcode that is valid has magically become invalid? 2) I can’t use my screen anymore because it says “connect to iTunes” 3)iTunes doesn’t even want to my iPad’s buddy either!


I would really love this problem solved before Monday as that is when I need my iPad for work purposes so this is vital!


thank you for valued answers