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Emanuele Crimella1 Level 1 (5 points)
I'm trying to use with my iBook AirPort Express but I have some difficulties to configure it. Is there someone that clarify me what I have to do? thks

iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
  • Tesserax Level 9 (50,561 points)
    The iBook G4 uses an AirPort Extreme card. Did you need help setting up this card to work with your home/work wireless network? If so, what is the make/model of the wireless Internet router that you are trying to connect to?
  • Emanuele Crimella1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I have installed AirPort Extreme Card, installed the cd distributed with the card. My goal is to use AirPort Express connected to my adsl modem to connect in internet.
    Which kind of configuration I have to do in my card ? And in base ?
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    Ok, so your network configuration, with the AirPort Express Base Station (AX) is as follows:

    ADSL modem > (Ethernet cable) > [Ethernet port] AX > (wireless) > iBook G4...correct?

    If true, you will need to set up the AX first. I suggest you connect your iBook to it directly, using an Ethernet cable. (It's okay to disconnect it from the modem.) Then, using the AirPort Admin Utility, make the following settings:

    AirPort tab
    - Base Station Name: <anything you like, or leave the default>
    - AirPort Network Name: <anything you like, or leave the default>
    - Create a closed network (unchecked, of now)
    - Channel: Automatic
    - Mode: 802.11b/g

    Change Wireless Security
    - Wireless Security: Not enabled (for now)

    Note: The next section will depend on, whether or not, your ISP requires PPPoE to connect to their ADSL service. If it does:
    Internet Tab
    - Connect Using: PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
    - Account Name: <your ISP account name>
    - WAN Ethernet Port: Automatic (Default)

    ...and if it doesn't:
    - Connect Using: Ethernet
    - Configure: Using DHCP
    - WAN Ethernet Port: Automatic (Default)

    Network tab
    - Distribute IP addresses (checked)
    - Share a single IP address (using DHCP and NAT) (selected)

    On your Mac:
    System Preferences > Network > AirPort > TCP/IP
    - Configure IPv4: Using DHCP
  • Emanuele Crimella1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Thank You very much Tesserax for your support. Now it works !
  • Tesserax Level 9 (50,561 points)
    You're very welcome. Glad I could have helped.