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I recently purchase 2 x 2G  2GB PC2-5300 667MHZ DDR2 Sdram for my mid 2008 Macbook Pro. After I installed it and restarted my computer, upon restarting I encountered an error. The computer restarted and it worked fine until I opened Chrome, at which point it failed to connect to various websites. I checked the About this Mac, and the memory had changed to 4 GB. Soon after I started to crash. I restarted and the same thing happened again. Then the computer wouldn't start at all, it would only go to a blue screen with the apple sign in the middle with a loading bar below. After this happened a couple more times, I unplugged my computer and switched back to the old memory. However I was still unable to start my computer.

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    which version of OS X is installed on your MacBook Pro? (Note that Apple didn’t make a Mid 2008 MacBook Pro model.)


    Do you have an external disk from which you could try booting? It reads as though something has gone wrong with your internal disk.

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    Check out with the frequency of the ram should be the same as specified by apple for your model of the mac book pro if not you will get an beep sound

      try out with installing only with the one 2gb of ram if not hold the option key after restarting your machine you can see your hard drive then select and it must boot if not try booting with the external hard drive