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As my son has become a real Apple fan, I recovered my ( bought 2nd hand 1988 ) Apple IIe from the attic, where I stored it about 20 years ago, ( along with a 1981 Osborne  1).  Whan I stored it, it worked fine.

Everything, computer, 2 drives and printer seem ok and are running. 

One problem though with the screen.  As you will see in the picture, there is something wrong with the characters.   It displays twice the upper half of a character io. the character itself.

( The display is a CRT display Mod # BM-12ES, made in Japan ).


Known problem ?  A solution ?


Thanks in advance.




peter V

apple IIe screen.jpg

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    Hello (again),



    Referring to the above mentioned question.  I found a floppy “ Apple presents Apple “.

    I ran it and, as you will see in the picture, everything is legible.


    Strange, isn’t it ?


    Thanks in advance





    peter V



    peter Vapple IIe2.jpgapple IIe2.jpg