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I've got some sort of glitch I need to work through.  I'm assuming it's hardware related, and I directly suspect the GPU, or maybe a lose connection thereto (symptoms are coming and going).  Symptoms coincided directly with an OSX update to 10.9.4, but that might just be incidental.  Unfortunately, upon startup, I can't load into the Hardware Tester/Diagnostics tool... pressing 'D' during startup leads me to looking at a grey screen for about half a minute, then the MBP just decides to load into OSX.  I've tried to perform this test about ten times now - same result each time.


Here's a couple of pictures of my screen when the issue is playing up.  It's obviously rendering the computer unusable:






I'm trying for a combo update reinstall of 10.9.4 right now.  But if you have any other advice i'm all ears.