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I've created and downloaded a dozen Keynote docs, and am running the most recent version on a relatively new Macbook Pro.


Suddenly I can't seem to type anything into any text box in any of my docs.


When I click on text to create a new box, and start to type, nothing happens at all.


I've been into master slides and emptied them out.  Don't know if I've inadvertently changed a preference somewhere for the app to not accept typing?


This is REALLY FRUSTRATING as I'm now working on a deadline.


Any help appreciated.



  • Gary Scotland Level 6 Level 6

    If you are using version 6, the latest version, to edit version 5 files, then this will be the problem. Keynote 6 more often than not corrupts the file, so It is best practice to use the Keynote version that created the file, to open and edit presentations.  If you don't have version 5, its available from Amazon and Ebay.