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Hello everyone


i have a MBP 15" i7 2.2 GHz early 2011

which i remember that i bought it on Aug 2011 in Thailand ( i'm Thai)

then before the first year apple care run out i bought 2 year additional apple care.

so in my opinion the warranty should expired on next month.

but when i check in the web for warranty it said that warranty already expired.


now i have some question.

1. i used to replaced logic board one or two time. is that caused to the serial number changing

    and make apple care warranty expired.

2. after the logic board replacement last time. In App Store , update tab, I've got the angry birds app from the start which i cannot update or uninstalled

    and not appear in the application folder. Cannot find in spotlight. Does anyone know how does this happened.

3. is that apple care link to apple ID and can check back from apple ID.

4. if i come to Apple store is that anyone can help me in this case. since i'm working in Tokyo for now and just saw the new apple store in Omotesando.


please, if anyone have the answer for these question.

that's will help me a lot.


Thanks in advance



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    does the serial number which is etched in small type on the bottom of your MacBook Pro match the serial number which is reported by About This Mac on the Apple menu? If your logic board had been replaced by Apple or by an Apple-authorized service provider, then they should have set the replacement logic board’s serial number to match the serial number of your original logic board. If they didn’t do that, then you’ll need to contact whoever did the replacement to get that resolved.


    Do you still have the original proof of purchase of your MacBook Pro? If you do, and your AppleCare Protection Plan was registered with Apple to your MacBook Pro before its manufacturer’s warranty expired, then the AppleCare should indeed last until the third anniversary of your MacBook Pro’s purchase. If Apple’s records don’t match your original proof of purchase, then you’ll need to contact Apple directly to get that corrected.


    I have no experience with the Angry Birds app, so perhaps someone who does have experience with it will assist you with that.

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    Thanks Melophage


    I've check for the etching number and in the About This Mac menu it's the same.

    So, that's solve one question for me

    But for the proof of purchased. I didn't have it with me.

    So i'll try to find if i have the picture of it or not.


    Thank you very much!!