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I use Time Machine to back up my Macs. Due to a house fire, I was forced to get a new 15" MBP Retina. I restored from the previous MBP Retina. In iPhoto, my picture count went from about 11,000 pix to 42,000. What I found was that there were thousands of face closeups in addition to the images I had taken. I've used PhotoSweeper to weed out many of the duplicates. How can I get rid of all the extra face shots?

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    I restored from the previous MBP Retina.

    How did you do that?  It sounds like you imported the library from the previous MBP into a new library.  That's a big NO-NO. 


    The correct way is to copy the old library into the Picture folder of the new MBP.  Then launch iPhoto and open the library.