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1. I deleted Mail by mistake some time ago.

Using Pacifist I extracted Mail from an install DVD (first by using "update" as it detected a older version – which I couldn't find), but when trying to launch Mail, it says: You can't use this version of Mail 4.4 (1082/1085) with this version of OS X ,10.6.8 (Build 10K549).

Then I followed the help: it is in Applications folder, and I reinstalled. And it still gives me the same message.


I have tried to find an update for Mail, but can only find one for 10.5.6, which doesn't work...


Can someone please tell me, where can I find an update to get Mail working on 10.6.8?

Or what could I do?


2. It all started when I was looking for an answer to how to reinstall Image Capture. It had repeatedly been giving me an "error" message when I was trying to transfer images from my iPhone 5.


In this forum I found the information about using Pacifist, but once it had opened all the content on both DVDs, I did not find Image Capture?

It's an install DVD from 2011, shouldn't it be there? Any hints on where it is hiding? Is it part of some bundle?...


I would be most grateful if someone could help out.