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I've done this before, with only four bullet points and four images.  But for some reason in this case, with 10 bullet points linked to 10 images, what happens is this:  the first two images behave correctly, i.e. the second image duly flips and lands on top of the first one, so that it can be seen.  But the third one flips "behind" the first two and so is not visible at all.  I've tried putting the last image in first and carefully making sure that each image that precedes it is one layer above the previous one - using the "Forward" button.


Can anybody help me see why this is not working  - afte the first two pairs, that is?


PS !'m using Keynote '09 version 5.3 (1170)  [and have no intention of using the "new" version of this, nor Numbers, nor Pages!]


Many thanks,  Giorni.

Screenshot of Keynote (14-07-2014 17:17:12) B.pngScreenshot of Keynote (14-07-2014 17:20:00)A.png