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Hi everyone,

a few days ago I found a method to give an interface to my simple AppleScript application. This is the AppleScript ObjC but I noticed that there are many differences between the basic AppleScript and AppleScript ObjC. For example how can i program Radio Buttons? How can i get started?

Thanks in advance!

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 Level 7 (25,715 points)

    A search for applescript objective-c will return s number of examples and tutorial sites to get you started.


    First thing however is you need to install Xcode. You can get that at the Mac App Store for free,


    good luck

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    The main difference is that AppleScriptObjC provides a way to access the Cocoa frameworks (the various Cocoa classes and methods are what performs the magic for stuff like radio buttons) - for example, take a look at the AppKit Framework Reference, which includes NSButton and NSMatrixThere is an introductory tutorial on MacScripter.net, but most of the work is just finding your way around Cocoa, which has a bit of a learning curve since most of the documentation is in Objective-C.



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