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I have Pages 5.2 on a new MacBook Air.  I've encountered many of the sorts of problems that others have mentioned.  The worst complication was the lack of a viable method for linking text boxes when continuing an article on another page.  I write a club newsletter and using text boxes has always been the best way for putting the newsletter together.


Yesterday I encountered a strange problem.  While doing final editing of the newsletter, I was activating links and email addresses (Most readers get the newsletter online and I make all links active).  I then noticed that many other text boxes had text changed in color to blue and we're underlined.  These changes were not even on the page I was working on.  I can't think of anything I did or could have done to achieve this bizarre result.  It took time to recover from this.


Until there is some improvement I'm going to use Pages '09 on my IPad running Snow Leopard.